Organic Tiger Nut Flour

What’s a tiger nut? It’s not a nut, nor does it come from a tiger! Tiger nuts are in the tuber family, so they are actually a root vegetable. Tiger nuts are full of prebiotic fiber, so this soft and fluffy flour will help feed the good bacteria in your gut and nurture your microbiome. Tiger nut flour has a natural sweetness, so you often need less sweetener in baked goods to get a delicious result. This is THE grain-free, gluten-free, NUT-free flour option for your cookies, cakes, brownies and pastries!

Ingredients: Organic Tiger Nuts


Homemade Tiger Nut Milk

1. Blend 4 cups water plus 1 1/2 cups tiger nut flour in a blender for 1-2minutes.

2. Allow to sit for 10-15minutes, then re-blend.

3. Pour Mixture into bowl through a nut milk bag or fine mesh, pressing all liquid into bowl. Enjoy!

You can use the leftover tiger nut pulp in smoothies, as a warm breakfast cereal, or freeze for future use!