Can You Eat Bacon On the AIP Diet?

Oct 06, 2022

The Auto-Immune Protocol Diet (AIP diet) is a diet and lifestyle regimen that aims to reduce inflammation, relieve autoimmune symptoms, enhance digestion, and provide nutrient-dense foods.  Here is the gist:


On the AIP diet, you are to remove all grains, dairy, nuts/seeds, eggs, refined sugars

Except for nightshades, you can eat fresh meats, seafood, fats, fruits, and all fresh vegetables.


Most spices, as well as other additives, are to be avoided. There is a list of approved spices and there’s plenty to choose from!


Organ meats, bone broths, fermented foods, and a broad variety of vegetables are all recommended on the AIP diet to help enhance your gut health.


Can you eat bacon on the AIP diet?


For as restrictive as AIP can feel, you can still eat bacon!  When following the Paleo or AIP diets, bacon is permitted - with some exceptions.  So, just keep an eye out for the ingredient list on the products you are considering.


Keep an eye out for nightshades! Nightshades are present in some bacon in the form of seasonings (like pepper and paprika).


Preservatives and additives should be avoided! On the AIP diet, we avoid sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbate, and sodium ascorbate, which are often found in packaged bacon.


Avoid nitrates and nitrites. Most nitrates/nitrites are preservatives that can be synthetic (cured) or natural, but in the elimination phase of AIP, they should be eliminated.

Many bacon variants contain sugar in the form of dextrose.  Be sure to avoid while on AIP.


Is it okay to eat sugar-cured bacon on the AIP?


Yes. As long as it was naturally cured and does not include any artificial ingredients or spices, it is suitable. The ideal place to find AIP bacon is at a health food store - Whole Foods or your local health food store will have what you are looking for!


In Summary


The Auto-Immune Protocol Diet (AIP) is designed to reduce inflammation, relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases, enhance digestion, and provide nutrient-dense foods. The question at hand is "Can you eat bacon on the AIP diet?". The short answer is, YES!  The long answer is although bacon is technically allowed when following the Paleo or AIP diets, there are some components of it to avoid - including added preservatives, sugars and nitrates.


But, in the end, we are as pumped as you are that bacon is permitted at any phase of the AIP diet!


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