Introducing our eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. Test Kitchen!

Oct 14, 2022


Heather and I are going on 2.5 years of being in this baking mix business with eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.  We have dealt with everything from a tiger nut flour shortage, to inventory miscounts and our product packaging printing pink (instead of white!).  On top of this, we have faced hundreds of failures as we baked and tested new recipes in the kitchen.Now, over the course of time, we have launched 9 different SKUS.  We would probably have a hundred different skus at this point if we could…there’s so much to do and offer!  This said, each product costs thousands of dollars to launch - from the development to the photography, the package design, printing and more.  It’s a costly thing to launch a new product!Yet, this is where our passion lies.  We have many ideas for products that will ultimately bring our customers more joy - and we want to share them!  So, with some brainstorming and problem solving, we are getting back to where we started.  The kitchen.  The kitchen is where we explore and create and test and fail and try again.  We try to make rising bread without flour and baking powder.  And gluten-free goodies without nuts or eggs.  We test it all - and the overwhelming majority of the time, we fail.But, now, enter our NEW Test Kitchen concept!  A test kitchen is a space used for the process of developing new and different kinds of food. On the large scale, they are run by the R&D departments of big companies in the food industry. Other test kitchens are owned by individuals who enjoy the craft of developing new recipes….that’s us!We are excited to share that we will be taking a fresh approach to launching new products to you.  For new products, our first step will be to use stickered pouches, so we can be faster to market, with less upfront cost.   Aside from keeping our core products already available, we will be launching fresh new baking mixes that are seasonal, limited edition and small batch!  (Thank you to our wonderful co-packer who is on board with this too!).Our Test Kitchen is already working on 5-10 new products and as we work to develop each, we are also always listening to our customers (you!) for new ideas, tweaks and opportunities to improve. We believe our new Test Kitchen concept will not only play into our strength and passions, but it will also keep things fun, fresh and exciting for you!  To be first in line for all things Test Kitchen, we invite you to sign up to receive our SMS text messages.  All the top secret, first to market info will be sent via text...including details on our first product launch this holiday season.  Join in the fun!

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