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Paleo Diet 101

The Paleo Diet takes concepts from our ancestors, who were hunters and gatherers, and mixes it with modern scientific knowledge for a healthy and nutritious diet.

How To Quit Soda

It can be so difficult to break a habit.  Especially when there are emotions and enjoyment attached to it!

Fundamental Steps To a Zero-Waste Kitchen

Without proper management, our kitchens become a waste center producing food waste, toxic chemicals and harmful plastics. With our global population growing rapidly, this only exacerbates the high levels of waste.  One thing we can do as individuals or families is to help reduce our carbon footprint, by living a zero-waste lifestyle. And we can start with our kitchens!     Zero-waste, often described as “no waste”, “minimal waste” and “low waste”,  is the process of reducing the waste we create down to little or nothing (though it’s almost impossible to achieve one-hundred percent zero-waste in our modern households!). It...

What Foods Can I Eat on the AIP Diet?

Are you new to the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP Diet)? It promotes the consumption of foods such as natural vinegar, fermented probiotic nutrient foods, minimally processed vegetable oil, fruits, vegetables, minimally processed animal products and non-seed derived spices.

Why Maple Syrup is Better Than Refined Sugar

Every household wouldn’t be complete without sugar. Your morning coffee or tea may have  it, your kitchen counter has it, your fruits and vegetables have it and the snacks, sweets, and treats you consume contain it, sometimes to a great extent.
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