Rosemary & Sea Salt Flatbread Joins the Mix!

May 11, 2023


This past Fall, we launched our first ever "Test Kitchen" product.  Pumpkin Spice Bread.  Prior to its launch, we knew we wanted to bring something delicious to market that was totally fall, perfect for the holiday and fit within our parameters of eating "g.a.n.g.s.t.e.r.".  But, budgets are tight and its tough to get perfect products to market quickly.  So, we launched what we call our "Test Kitchen", which allows us to launch products quickly and with a lower budget (stickered pouches and no pretty images on the packaging!).  It was a great success in that we got awesome feedback on the overall flavor and texture and suggestions for improvement should we do a re-launch.  

Our second product launch from our Test Kitchen is a recipe we have been working on for nearly a year.  It all started when we asked our customers what they would love to see for new product offerings, and the number one answer was clear: BREAD MIX.  Bread that is totally free of grains, nuts, eggs, and dairy and ideally vegan too.  

So, we got to work!  It took us many rounds and tweaks to yield an end product with the right texture and flavor - while being totally Vegan and "GANGSTER" too!  Once we got that down, we explored flavors!  Ultimately, we opted to elevate the product a little further with dried rosemary and sea salt.  Needless to say, it has been tough work sampling and taste testing all these recipes! 

Our Vegan Rosemary &  Sea Salt Flatbread will be available very soon, right here on our website.  It can be enjoyed as is, or savored with your favorite pesto, hummus or tzatziki.  You can even make it as a sandwich wrap or pizza, using ingredients that work for you!

We are thrilled for this launch as it offers our customers more savory options and more flexibility with their daily eating, when we know our AIP or allergy-friendly diets can feel so restrictive.  We are excited for you enjoy!

Oh, and by the way, we are thrilled to share that early Fall, we will be launching our Pumpkin Spice Bread mix as an official product!  It has officially "graduated" from our Test Kitchen with some tweaks and improvements (thanks to all who shared feedback!).  It will be available in a variety of places come Fall, including our online store!

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