Allergy-Friendly / AIP Apple Spice Cake

Oct 18, 2022

Apple Spice Cake



For the cake:

- 1 pouch eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. Cinnawin Spice Cake Mix

- 1 cup peeled and  finely diced apples

- 6 TBSP Coconut Oil

- 3/4 cup Water

- 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar


For the frosting:

- 1 pouch eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. Cinnawin Cream Frosting Mix

- 3/4 cup Palm Shortening (for dairy free) or Unsalted Butter




1) Preheat oven to 350 F.

2) In large bowl, mix together 1 pouch eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. Cinnawin Spice Cake Mix with oil, water and apples.

3) Once combined, add the Apple Cider Vinegar.  Mix well again.

4) Place the batter into 8x8 pan, lightly coated with cooking spray.

5) Bake 30-32 minutes.

6) While the cake bakes, mix up the frosting following the directions on the back of the frosting pouch.  

7) Once cake is cooled, add frosting atop the cake.  Slice & Enjoy!


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