Allergy-Friendly / AIP Cinnawin ChocoNOT Cake!
May 25, 2023
  Attention Chocolate lovers!  If you are skipping chocolate but totally dig it, here's a...
AIP Layers of Love Cake
Feb 28, 2022
For all you lovers of chocolate, give this chocoNOT cake a try.
Banana Bread
Jan 18, 2022
This little twist to our Banana Bread Mix makes a yummy difference!
Mug Cake
Jan 12, 2022
Sometimes baking a whole cake is just too try this fun mug cake recipe, using our Dark Choconot Fudge Cake & Muffin Mix, perfect for one!
Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bar
Jan 05, 2022
If you love ice cream bars, you will not be disappointed with this one! :)
AIP Choconot Peppermint Layer Cake
Feb 02, 2021
If you need a refreshing fudgey fix, but cannot tolerate chocolate, try this minty-chocolate tasting AIP cake!